Thursday, August 5, 2021

Money Troubles and How to help

Right now, our house needs more work than we can afford. We spavined our small home equity loan getting the roof done last year.

Total Home Repairs: 50K.

First goal Exterminator, re-wiring and climate control: $15,000

I am side hustling for it.
Here are affiliate links if you wish to help. It costs you nothing, gets you cash back on things you buy and I get a kickback. Win, win, win. I make about 15cents  per receipt I bring home, even without buying anything earmarked for kickbacks. Which isn't much but it's something and it mounts up

Of course you can just buy my books. Straight up goods.

Or subscribe to Patreon
or OnlyFans (it's free, but there will be pay per view posts)

The side hustles:
These are all done on your phone. I've made hundreds of dollars doing them, 900 on Swagbucks alone. That and Shopkick are my big earners

Swagbucks: So many ways to earn. Surveys, games, random codes, coupons, and grocery kickbacks. I make about $25 a month but if you buy namebrands, you may earn more.

Fetch Rewards: referral code BV9VC scan your receipts for points, certain brands earn you extra. Very easy.  

NCP: Referral code 135A92A. Scan your groceries and take surveys. A little more complicated but pays well.

Ibotta: referral: mcpiwnp Scan your grocery recipts. Mostly useful for brand-name but sometimes good for general stuff. Easy.

Receipt Hog: code:  buk46797 Scan your receipts, play the slot machine on the side. It's slow but easy.

Shopkick referral code: MALL751055: A few ways to earn. you can get points for walking into stores, for scanning stuff in the stores and for buying the stuff. Oh and watch videos. Easy, fun, and very profitable.

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