Monday, August 2, 2021

Where to find my books

 The books I currently have available

Temple Secrets of the Cult of Cheesecake is the cookbook I wrote last summer. All proceeds go to The Polestari.

Curse of the Pharaoh's Manicurists has been rewritten and reissued. Roaring 20s adventure.

Wild Hunt is a DJ Admire adventure. Alcoholic PI on the nightside of Memphis.

As Angelia:

Busy Nights. A slow-cooker, freezer and make-ahead cook booklet. It's 99cents

Dangerous Game. Spicy little heterosexual short story. Part RPF. Part Cosplay. All hot. Also 99 cents


Anthony Reprobate. Book 1
In which the Ligatos group turns a Reprobate into a preacher, to stop a war.
Nikolai Revenant Book 2

In which the Ligatos group must turn a street rat into a diplomat.

 Glad Hands. Book 3

In which a trucker finds danger and true love as he crosses the DisUnited States. (Rewritten and expanded)


Adventuresses. Lesbian Short stories of fantasy, science fiction and other genres.

Into Dark Waters is a variety of gay short stories. Includes "Tuition Fees"
Riding the Nightmare. 18 gay dreams and nightmares. Includes the Gay Christmas Werewolves

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